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The World Cat advantage begins with the ride.

World Cat's performance advantage begins with the Vectorflo semi-displacement hull design. You can't put a value on ride comfort when the seas get rough. That's why Unique Marine feels the famous World Cat ride is priceless. World Cats have patented semi-displacement hulls at slower speeds then get up and run on top for high speed, offshore travel. The result is incredibly smooth offshore performance.

World Cat offers the most versatility of any boat on the water. Greater stability, greater capacity and greater efficiency than most monohulls. The weight of the boat is distributed to two hulls for a shallower draft. The shallow draft of the World Cat design provides access to areas that conventional hulls cannot reach. With a World Cat you can enjoy the beach and not have to wade in the water to get there.

Unique Marine has partnered with World Cat because of this great performance. Here's how it works. First, World Cat's proven cat hull designs literally divide the water shock of rough seas in half, then the patented Vectorflo hull cushions the ride even more by channeling the aerated water between the hulls, acting as a "shock absorber". The Vectorflo hull design gathers both air and water at the scoop-shaped bow and channels the mixture into the tunnel between the twin hulls. As the aerated mixture passes through the narrowing tunnel channel, it increases velocity, decreasing forward pressure and pulling the aerated water and spray aft and through the tunnel.  The rapidly moving aerated mixture between the tunnels forms a water-cushioned "suspension system" between the hulls and beneath the boat, softening the ride, improving stability and increasing fuel efficiency. Unique Marine feels these patented designs will make your ride stable but it will save you money in your wallet. Because of the increased aeration of rough seas, this cushion effect becomes even more evident as sea conditions worsen. The result? Vectorflo gives you a soft, fast and dry catamaran ride in even the roughest conditions.

World Cat catamarans are products of the Powercat Group, the world's largest power catamaran builder. Over 80,000 customers are enjoying catamaran boats built by the PowerCat Group and their cats can be seen in almost every ocean and lake on Earth.  In addition to World Cat, the PowerCat Group builds Glacier Bay, Carolina Cat and Livingston catamarans in Tarboro, North Carolina.

Great design, materials, processes and people empowered with the latest technology. That's how it's built. That makes it World Cat.

For the past 5 years we have been honored to be awarded the 5 Star Service Award for WorldCat Catamarans!

World Cat, Bring it on!

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