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Glacier Bay 2740

For more than 25 years, Glacier Bay has concentrated on perfecting the high-speed, displacement catamaran hull. No other boat builder has the technology and experience to offer boats with Glacier Bay's smooth, silky ride and extraordinary sea keeping ability.  Glacier Bay owners can travel at high rates of speed, even in severe sea conditions. Catamaran hull shapes realize higher hull speeds than conventional displacement hulls. This, combined with a catamaran's famous soft ride, results in Glacier Bay's renowned efficiency and smooth, seaworthy safety. At speed, the Glacier Bay displacement hull slices through the water, traveling with the shape of the seas rather than flying over them and experiencing re-entry shock. So you can go places and enjoy the water on days other craft stay at the dock.
Glacier Bays are built to standards that make your boating more fun:

2665 Canyon Runner
When the 2665 Canyon Runner center console won Boating Magazine's "Bermuda Challenge", running 728 miles from Virginia to Bermuda, it proved soft riding Glacier Bay catamarans are among the most seaworthy on the planet. So, with the 2665, you take that same seaworthy safety and velvet-smooth ride to the fishing grounds every time you venture offshore.

2740 Renegade
Behind the classic lines, fine bows and comfortable seating of the 2740 Glacier Bay, lies the rugged catamaran hull design that's won the 728-mile "Bermuda Challenge and ranged 1,381 miles across the Pacific to Midway Island. This combination of features and ride makes the 2740 dual console the most versatile boat on the water. So, whether you are piling the kids in the bow for a trip to the beach or ranging far offshore for billfish, you can do it in the 2470.

2770 Isle Runner Cuddy
The new 2770 is a complete redo of the Glacier Bay 2670 so popular for years among fishermen and cruisers alike. We've taken the proven hull design and upgraded the cockpit, seating, cabin, even the fore deck. It's all-new, all ready, and all Glacier Bay.

2780 Isle Runner
The 2780 is the all-new version of the famous 2680 Glacier Bay catamaran design that has effortlessly cruised where most boats don't dare. With the proven Glacier Bay displacement hull design and a three sided windshield enclosure, the 2780 protects you from rough seas and rough weather with a silky-smooth ride and 360-degree visibility. So you can seat 6 adults on the protected bridge deck when underway. Or, sleep two below in queen-sized berth comfort in the cabin complete with head and shower.

Glacier Bay catamarans are products of the Powercat Group, the world's largest power catamaran builder. In addition to Glacier Bay, the PowerCat Group builds World Cat, Carolina Cat and Livingston catamarans in Tarboro, North Carolina.

Your Glacier Bay is built for it. Come see for yourself at your Glacier Bay dealership in the Florida Keys, Unique Marine!